Split In Batch Doesn't Recognized Parsed Data

I’m using twitter to look up Twitter Spaces rooms (their new audio room feature). As I get info on the room, I also see a list of hosts and cohosts. I have a sub splitinbatch setup to check each host of the room against a db of the folks I’m following. If the hostid/userid of the user matches the userid of someone I’m following, then the workflow will retweet the Twitter Spaces room from my account.

The issue I’m running into is when my sub splitinbatch is processing an item/room with more than one hostid, splitinbatch gets empty data for the second and third hostIDs in the array for the item.

Here is a video overview of my issue. (Sorry for the loud audio)


Here’s item 1 with only one host id.

And the batch getting the data

Here’s item #2 with 2 host id’s.

Splitinbatch see’s the first host id of the second item

But the second host id in that array receives empty data.

Hi @datdudejibril, Could you provide an example workflow including mock data using which the issue can be reproduced? Many thanks!

Hi. I’ve broken out a sample workflow from my larger workflow. Leave the 2 paused nodes as is.

In the Cohost List node you’ll see that the 6th item has 2 host ids. The cohost batch node should iterate and send the host ids separately (item 6 & 7). But if you execute and check the cohost batch the first id in the arrary is sent twice for items 6 & 7. In my live workflow the second item gives the warning that entries exist but do not contain json data.

Here’s the node cohostlookup-sample-workflow.txt