Split out Items from node several steps earlier?

Split out items only seems to work on input from the immediately prior module. How can I split out an array that was returned by a module several steps earlier?

Hey @Lee_S,

You would need to have the Item Lists node after the node you want to split but you could use a merge node to bring that data to where you need it as well.

I will add this to our product ideas list as it would be nice to split items from a node that is back somewhere else in the workflow.

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I’ve been using the CODE module to surface the array and also bring forward data from prior nodes, so that all of the data I want to carry forward is easily available to the split out module.

While you’re making feature ideas lists:

  • Split out lists, not just arrays
  • Split out fields from previous nodes.
  • Include fields in output from previous nodes.
  • Group by

(This might require some kind of “JOIN” operation to determine which row of the previous node goes with which row of the field being iterated. That might be complicated, actually…)

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