SSE trigger

Hi again!

I’m trying to use the SSE trigger to listen to server sent events using this URL here: (note this only returns ‘data’ during NYC market hours…but still pings after market).

If you just paste that URL in a browser it pings and sends back data at intervals…but maybe the browser is taking care of some part of the process that I need to create in the n8n workflow? It could easily be that I don’t understand SSE and that’s the problem…

Continue to find more use cases for this software! It’s awesome! Thank you!


Hello! If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hey @joelcrawford :wave:

I tried to use the SSE node and I am unable to execute the workflow. There seems to be an issue in the node. I will get back to you with more details soon :slight_smile:

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Very strange. I tested a few weeks ago and it worked fine. As nothing changed I can not see a reason why it would not work. To be 100% sure did I just test with the example from
Server-Sent Events (SSE) / Documentation | Ably Realtime
Ably JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

If I type in that URL into the SSE trigger node, activate the workflow, and then press “Publish a message via REST” it triggers totally fine.

If I activate the Abby SSE I can receive it through the n8n trigger…

Are you able to receive the stream from this URL?

Just pasting it into the browser works but I can’t get it to receive through the node. Is there something I’m missing? Honestly it could be my lack of understanding of SSE…

What I’m trying to accomplish is to consume the stream from this URL. My understanding is that every event the URL sends out will act as a trigger for the SSE trigger node and I can then set up a workflow to process it and send it elsewhere…

Let me know! Thank you, Joel.

Ah OK, good to know. Then it seems to be working at least generally also for you.

Could sadly not test with that URL as when I click on it, it says that the market is closed. So can probably check the earliest tomorrow.