SSL Certificate on Server of Self-Hosted


I want to setup ssl certificate to the linux server I use only n8n in.

I’m a bit confused,

Because I want to setup certbot and certbot is running on Apache and Apache is running on 80/443 port,

So Traefik running on the same ports too;

I don’t know how to handle Traefik and Apache at the same time to enable https working secure on my server.

How should I run a secure server with n8n on it?

Hey @onurbolaca,

If you are using Apache as a reverse proxy and want to handle the ssl there you can just remove traefik and configure Apache to pass the request on through mod_proxy (I think that is what it is called).


Can I handle ssl on traefik too? I couldn’t see any doc to do that

Hey @onurbolaca,

The config you have there is to handle ssl automatically through an acme / lets encrypt client.

Ooh I got it wrong, I thought I need to add a ssl certificate after I install docker-compose file.

Now it is working secured only with the docker-compose file of n8n and traefik in it.

I follow this steps on an Ubuntu Linux server for anyone to try later;

And a little bit visual on youtube about the setup;

Thank you @Jon

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We should probably make that a bit clearer, I have not seen the install docs for a while so I am not sure what we say but I will see if I can get that sorted.

It is actually pretty clear;

Maybe a warning can be add like “Dont try it with IP address, only try this with domain and subdomain”

Because I first try to do the setup only with the IP address and SSL didnt worked, afterwards I used the domain and subdomain and I setup again. Then it worked.

I hope my conclusion is true in this part.

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Ha yeah that will do it, you can’t get SSL certs for IPs normally. Will add that as a note.

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@Jon ,

Is this SSL going to renew itself or should I do it once a year or something?

Hey @onurbolaca,

It is Lets Encrypt so the cert is only valid for 90 days but the acme client in Traefik will auto renew it. There is some information on what Traefik does here: Traefik Let's Encrypt Documentation - Traefik

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