Start node not picking up

I added two cron triggers and suddenly the start node stopped responding.

The expected behavior was the Start node being executed first.

I’m using the latest version (0.86.1)

Not sure what other information I should share with u folks.

Also I’m not sure where I should report bugs… Here or on github?

Hey @GustavoKatel!

A workflow can either use the Start node or a trigger node to start the execution. Since you have a Cron node (which is a trigger node) the workflow will strart the execution from the Cron node. Looking at the example above, you will have to create different workflows, so that each of them can execute individually.

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As @harshil1712 said that is expected.

In dev mode will the workflow look for the following nodes to start execution from:

  • Webhook-Nodes (also 3rd party ones like for example Pipedrive Trigger Node)
  • Other Trigger-Nodes like Cron, Interval, …
  • Start

As the workflow can only start to execute from one node (starting from multiple nodes is not possible) did we have to come up with something in case there are multiple Trigger-Nodes in a workflow.
In production-mode (so if it got set active) all Trigger-Nodes will work and can start the workflow. The Start-Node, would only be used (and so the node “Set” would only execute) if started via the CLI or the Execute Workflow-Node.

Hey @harshil1712 and @jan !

I see! That makes sense!

I also noticed this, why the disabled node is being triggered?:

After your considerations, I reviewing the way I create workflows in a way that is easily tested. Is there a way that I can manually specify which node is being triggered without removing the links between the nodes? This would be really useful to mock data from a webhook-node for example.

Thanks for your patience folks! I’m really enjoying n8n. We’ve been running in production for quite some time and we achieved a lot with it.

That is strange. If the node is deactivated it should fall back to the other ones. Will check it out. Then it should also work in a way that allows you to test them easily.

Really great to hear that you are already using n8n for a while and you are enjoying it. Please never hesitate reaching out if you have any problems or questions.

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Exactly! That would be really great!