Start Node

Is there a way to delete the start node I’m trying to follow this tutorial (Creating Error Workflows in n8n 🌪 | by Tanay Pant | | Medium) but in order to complete it. I have to erase the start node but I cant;
Any suggestion on how to do that.

Welcome to the community @Carlos_Alberto_Guerr!

The start node can not be deleted and it is not needed.

But I mean, every time I create a new workflow it creates with “start node” and if I run the whole workflow it only runs the start node;

In this case you can simply hover over the node and press the Play-Button on the node itself to get the example values.

I do agree with the topic starter that the Start node is slightly confusing and seems of very little use.

I do see some examples where both the Start Node and another trigger (e.g. Webhook) are connected to the next node. But I’m not sure if that’s needed.

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I would also like to understand what is the utility of of the start button. I know that workflows can easily be created/used by “pausing” this start node and just using other trigger nodes and that works just fine(works for both active/in-active workflows). In that case, what is the motivation behind not being able to delete it?

What would be the downside of allowing delete on the start button?

The down side of not having a Start-Node is that means there is no way of knowing from where to start a workflow when it got started via an Execute Workflow-Node, the CLI run-command or when pressing “Execute Workflow” and there is not a Trigger-Node present.