Start workflow when program starts

The idea is:

I want to execute my workflow when I run specific program at Windows.

My use case:

When I run Figma workflow starts and tracks time by Toggle Track.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It will add more possibilities to automate everything :slight_smile:

Any resources to support this?

If needed?

Are you willing to work on this?

I know basics of Python and JavaScript programming languages but I don’t feel ready for contribution. So, I will be happy when you will introduce this feature or tell me I can do this now (if this feature exists)

Hey @wojcraftinho,

As a temporary solution you could run a cron job every few minutes then use the execute command node to get a list of running processes and expand on the process from there possibly using static data to see if you have already started to track the current session.

Another option could be to check the install path of figma and see if writes any files you could then use the file trigger to start the process.

The easiest option though might be to have a webhook and for now just send start and stop to it and go from there.

A process monitor would be a handy feature but it wouldn’t be that useful for anyone using containers as it won’t be able to get the process list from the other machine. It does give me an idea for the future though.

Thanks for answer, but I found another way to automate my first use of n8n and it’s Toggl Track function called Autotracker.

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