Stop condition

Hello community,
I have set up a workflow that sends a mail each time until I receive a return from the recipient.
I tried to work with the cron node but it’s not practical in this case because it doesn’t have a stop condition, even after the client’s response, the cron continues to send the mails.

Hi @Zakariae_Elhomaidi,
I usually use a IF condition for this. Not sure how you built your flow, so more details would be needed.

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Hey @Zakariae_Elhomaidi!

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The Cron will send an email at the specific time. So if you set the Cron time to be every 2 hours, your workflow will send an email every 2 hours. Is that something you want to do? Or do you want to send an email when a specific event occurs?

If you don’t want to send emails at a regular interval of time, you can use the Webhook node to trigger your workflow. This will send an email only when a request was sent to the webhook URL.

Hello community,
As you can see, I set up the Cron time to be every 2 hours,
but the problem is i need to stop that when I get a feedback.
the idea is sending mails every 2 hours until we have a feedback and stop
how can I make the cron stop?
or if it is another node can do that, I still beginner in that.