Store and re-play data webhook received?


I’m getting event’s from slack. They arrive to webhook and if event is “channel created” I will send notification about that.

It’s easy for me to see the data received in history but it would be more convenient to see them as json/input inside of the workflow so I can easily arrange them like I do when data comes from GET request.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Hi @Mateusz_Bijakowski, I am afraid this is not something n8n offers. I suspect an external webhook gateway in front of n8n could help with this, but I do not have first-hand experience with such tools.


hmm, no, I have the data, goal was to explicitly have this inside of the workflow for easy assembly.
I guess this answers my question even tho I’m surprised, even Zapier by default stores the last data that workflow step received.

Ah, if having example data in your workflow is all you want that’s simple. In n8n the concept is called data pinning and is explained here: Data pinning | n8n Docs

This is how it looks in the UI:

You can modify the pinned data as much as you want to test different values.


ok, so I have to use the test URL to be able to see it as it arrives and then update URL in slack to production one when I’m finished.
solved, works fine.


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