Store data in array

Hello guys.

I would like to know if is possible to create an array to storage some itens, like a data base, and I’ll add and remove this itens.
I made a workflow that I need but using Google Sheet node to storage this datas, but I woldn’t like to use it.
Does anybody knows if is possible?


Hey @leucotron!

Do you want to store the data in n8n? If yes, this is only possible for a small dataset. If you’ve got a huge amount of data, I would suggest you use a database/Google Sheet/Airtable.

You can refer to this documentation to learn how you can store data in n8n: Function | Docs

Hey @harshil1712, thanks for reply.
Will be few dataset, I think that five lines is enough (like 5 people names), and I could add or remove this names.

In that case, you can store them as static data. If you don’t want to store the data, you can use the Function node to generate that with every execution. The approach majorly depends on the use case.

Thank you @harshil1712, I’ll study about this.