Strange error when attempting to call active workflow

I’ve recently move n8n from one set of servers to another and during testing i’ve realised any workflows with a custom node are throwing this error "“The node-type “CUSTOM.myNode” is not known!”

When I test the workflows in question via the UI and Execute Workflow button, everything works as expected. I suspect that I may have messed something about with my configuration during the move, but do not understand why my custom node works in test mode, but not when the workflow is active.

I am running 0.160.0 but I only decided to upgrade from 0.150.0 during the migration, so I am not sure if the version change had something to do with it

do not understand why my custom node works in test mode, but not when the workflow is active

Hey @IbnJubayr, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble, this sounds very odd indeed.

So you are saying your custom node works when manually executing a workflow but fails during a production execution of your workflow?

How did you create your custom node and how are you hosting n8n? Does starting over from scratch work for you (e.g. freshly installing n8n with a clean database, adding your custom node afterwards, then importing your existing workflows)?

Hey @MutedJam
Yes, it works fine when executed manually. I have configured n8n to run on multiple containers via docker (1 main, 1 webhook and 2 processing containers). When executing manually, it runs on the main and is working fine. When triggered, it hits the webhook container and I receive the error above, that it is an unknown node.

When accessing my workflow, my custom node appears fine and can be configured without any issue

Further to the above, I just ruled out a problem with the webhook container by forcing all web hook executions to run on the main process and ended up with the same issue.

Only thing I haven’t tried yet is an entirely new db and n8n installation

Managed to resolve the issue by just setting N8N_CUSTOM_EXTENSIONS env variable - not quite sure what changed between environments that caused me to need to set this, but it is working now!

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Awesome, glad to hear you figured it out, thanks so much for sharing!