Stripe Integration [GOT CREATED]

An integration for Stripe should be added:

A Stripe-Trigger node got added:

We are a very small team. We can sadly not support from every API everything from the get-go else we would have instead of far over 100 nodes only 10. So we need the community not just to help us to create integrations, we also need it to tell us what functionality they actually need. If we know that, we can then add that specific functionality once resources are available.

Thanks for telling us what functionality you need. We added it to our backlog.


Regular Stipe-Node got released with [email protected]

Hi @jan, seeing you asked for details on what users need, I’d like to provide accounts on what we do and would like to do using the Stripe integration.
I’m working on a workflow to create accounts and send notifications post sale. This works pretty well using the Stripe integration, so first and foremost, thank you for creating n8n :blush:
What we currently do is listening for completed checkout sessions using the Stripe trigger, then fetch customer data from the Stripe API, and use those to create the required entities and send notifications.

What we’re missing here, though, is making sure the customer has actually bought one specific type of subscription product. The checking we do is a little convoluted here - essentially, it involves the following steps:

  1. Fetching the checkout session data
  2. Fetching the first line item from the session
  3. Fetching the price associated with the line item
  4. Comparing the ID of the line item price to a fixed value

So to do this using n8n, we’d need additional supported resources for the Stripe node. An alternative would be to expand the customer resource to include the subscriptions of a customer, and extract the price ID from there. That would require being able to specify resources to expand, or simply add custom parameters to the API request.

I haven’t looked at the code yet, but I’d definitely be up to creating a PR for the new code, if this is the direction you’d like to go into :v:


@jan any updates on this?