Stripe trigger not invoking?

Good morning! Been trying to use the stripe trigger in my workflow but it does never become invoked. I am using test sandbox credentials. Has anyone seen this?

Are you either using the tunnel or do you have n8n set up on a server with a proper domain and is reachable via SSL?

Yes I am using the tunnel library. I’m using the stripe sandbox keys, does that have anything to do with it?

Ok, just to be sure I just tested it. It worked totally fine for me with the built-in tunnel. Had Stripe is set to “View test data” as you apparently have. In my test, I did refund a transaction and it did trigger correctly.

So I am very confused about why it does not work for you.

Did you test with the regular webhook and the tunnel URL? So just having a Webhook-Node set to “Get” and then calling the URL with the browser. Maybe something on your computer is blocking the tunnel-data and for that reason, it does not get called.