Stuck in Notion Node!


I’ve tried a million different configurations with the Notion Node on my self hosted instance but unfortunately it appears I still haven’t stumbled upon the right one :frowning:
It would ba amazing if one of you, Notion users, could point me in the right direction by explaining in plain English what the right workflow is.

I’m trying to get n8n to update in a Notion database the tasks I’m updating in Todoist.
My workflow uses an IF to determine whether the task in Todoist is a new item, in which case I’m able to get n8n to create a new item in my Notion database.
In case of a new item, I’d like n8n to search for that item in the notion database based on its Todoist ID * and then update a property (its status).

*All tasks visible in Todoist have been added their Todoist ID in a dedicated Property

I think the problem is somewhere in that zone. n8n doesn’t like the formatting of the Todoist ID property, I’ve tried numbers and string and so far no luck.

Any idea ?

Let me know what more I could share to illustrate the issue.

Best regards,

Hey @BaptisteB, I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Do I correctly understand that your problem is only with new items coming from Todoist? Any chance you can share the JSON output from your Webhook node for a new item so I can test this against my own Notion database?