Stuck on trying to build a node

Hi. I finally finished an mvp node and i want to publish it and test it further. However it looks like I broke something and my eslint throws a very generic error. This is where my ability to tinker things ends so I hope someone lead me to a solution.

% npm publish

[email protected] prepublishOnly
npm run build && npm run lint -c .eslintrc.prepublish.js nodes credentials package.json

[email protected] build
tsc && gulp build:icons

[20:34:49] Using gulpfile ~/code/n8n-nodes-joplin/gulpfile.js
[20:34:49] Starting ‘build:icons’…
[20:34:49] Finished ‘build:icons’ after 50 ms

[email protected] lint
eslint nodes credentials package.json nodes credentials package.json

Oops! Something went wrong! :frowning:

ESLint: 8.37.0

No files matching the pattern “nodes” were found.
Please check for typing mistakes in the pattern.

Hey @io_io,

Do you have a nodes folder with your node in it? Are you able to share a link to your nodes repo so we can check what you are doing?

my node is working just fine locally and i believe i removed something critical while trimming node folder.

I have found a solution, tsconfig.json was modified automatically so i fixed it.


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