Sub Workflow vs Active Workflows vs Inactive Workflows

I don’t know about you guys but I have several flows that are active and then some I build and sort of store as drafts in case I want to come back and complete it or just to store something I was doing.

So I have many active and inactive flows, which is fine.

However when you add in subflows, they are inactive and when I go and delete old flows, I forget sometimes that the subflows are in fact active but stored in an inactive state!

It just doesn’t sit well with me and bugs me, as in reality, they are not inactive as they are being used and called by other flows!

so we have a better way to show or hide them by default

or even better have a tab at the top one for active flows, one for subflows and one for inactive stuff, so we can just click on the three tabs at the top and its all nicely put into sections/areas etc

I agree, I feel this confuses new users and makes them less likely to learn how to build sub workflows. I don’t have a better suggestion, but I agree this needs to be handled differently than it is now.

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You have my vote

I think staff votes should count as 5 :wink:

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I think it is actually -1 :joy:


any additional thoughts on this?

Not from our side at the moment, I am not sure when we plan to update that page next but I do hope we add something like this to it.

any more thoughts on this?

Not yet but as soon as we do we will post on here.