SugarCRM API Authorization

I want to connect our on premise SugarCRM instance via API. n8n requires both an Access Token URL and an Authorit´zation URL für OAuth2. Sugar only provides the this URL /rest/v10/oauth2/token.
So how can I connect SugarCRM with one URL missing?


Hi @johannesscherbaum

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Have you tried filling in the URL and replace token with “authorize” for example?

Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately that does not work either.

Hey @johannesscherbaum,

Have you tried using the same URL for both fields?

Hey @jon ,
yes I did.

Did that also fail and did you get any error? It might be worth asking SugarCRM what they suggest as with most OAuth2 endpoints there is an auth url and a URL to get the token from although looking at the sugar docs I can’t see what they use as their main auth url.