Support more Properties in HubSpot Deal Creation

Currently I can create a deal using n8n, but the number of standard properties supported is too low. I am using 0.95.1

At a minimum, we need to be able to specify a contact for each deal. It seems like “Company” is currently supported, but HubSpot internally thinks about everything from a Contact perspective first.

Ideally, we should also have the Pipeline property available by default.

You can use associatedVids under additional fields to associate a contact. Also, the pipeline property is available under additional fields as well. Am I missing something?

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Can you clarify how this should be used? Wouldn’t this need a video id? or would a contact id work?

The answer to the question is yes you put a contact ID in this field and it works.

Yup I missed deleting this as I was updating this post.

I think we can consider this one solved