Support webhooks behind firewalls

Would it be possible to support webhook events behind firewall like using a service called

It looks like it is exactly what the build in tunnel does. You can find the information about how to start n8n with a tunnel here:

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I am getting the following error when starting the tunnel server this might be due to my connection is behind a corporate firewall

“npx n8n start --tunnel”

tunnel server offline: read ECONNRESET, retry 1s

@jan After a bit more investigation is slightly different from localTunnel in that it does not expose the website, it just receives server events that contain the payload from the external server and passes the payload on. This would be a secure way of using webhooks rather than exposing the full N8N website which currently does not have a secure login feature.

I am trying to use webhooks to trigger Jenkins something like this but I would love to use n8n to trigger custom events.


Smee looks definitely interesting. I have to think about switching to it in the future.

About not having a secure login. You can protect your n8n instance anytime like described here:

You have to be aware that the tunnel is only meant for testing n8n and developing. It is not to supposed to be used to run in production.

Dear @jan
Sometimes I want to run a workflow via external third party even in product mode.
So are there any way to use tunnel in product mode?

Normally when you are running n8n in production you have set it up to be reachable via a proper domain. So it can be reached via that one and then there should be no need anymore for a tunnel.

You are free to also use the tunnel in production. But you have to be aware that there is no guarantee that it will be up 100% of the time and you also have to be aware that all traffic and so data runs via our servers. Not that we do anything with that data or even look at it but you still have to be aware of it.

The bad things is that we have not documents for windows server to set domain on n8n that run on windows without docker. @jan

@mooghermez Sadly have no experience at all with Windows Server. But in the end is n8n not special in any way. So if you look for some documentation about how to run a Node.js application on Windows Server and combine it with the information you can find in the already existing n8n documentation you should be able to get it up and running.

Anway for the sake of simplicity do I still recommend simply using Docker. That will work on Windows, Linux and macOS.