Support workflows CRUD operations as triggers

The idea is:

Introducing trigger nodes in n8n that react to CRUD operations for workflows. Essentially, these would be internal hooks that allow a workflow to automatically execute based on the life cycle changes of other workflows in my instance - like when they are created, updated, executed, or deleted.

In the case of updates you will be able to select which workflows to hear changes from.

In the case of new workflows, listen to all the new ones added to produce the initial documentation.

In the case of deleted workflows, same idea, you choose from which workflows to hear deletions from.

We probably want a debounce timer for updates so we don’t execute the trigger many times. It could be configurable.

Another idea is to have it scheduled during the day and check the CRUD events that happened the time before the execution.

My use case:

I want to have a workflow that automatically documents the other workflows in my instance using AI. Every time a workflow is modified, deleted or created, this feature would trigger the documenting workflow to update, delete or generate fresh documentation. This ensures our documentation is always in sync with our latest changes, effortlessly with the help of LLMs. The documentation can be saved in any preferred database or third party integrations such as Notion.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Adding this feature would greatly enhance the modularity and reactivity of n8n. It allows for a more dynamic environment where workflows can interact with one another, fostering a more connected and automated system. Beyond just documentation, this could be used for audit trails, backup triggers, or even to set off a chain of workflows for complex automation processes. It would make n8n follow both an imperative and reactive architecture.

Any resources to support this?

I’m not aware of existing resources that cover this feature, but I envision it’s something we can build on top of the current n8n architecture.

Are you willing to work on this?

Yes, I am. Though my current schedule is complicated due to work, I see the value in this and am willing to contribute to its development.

All workflow modification events available in the log streaming feature :slight_smile: