Switch Rules for more than one object in array

Let’s say i have an array with a tags section,. For each item 0,1,2 etc it has the same structure.


Now if I wanted to use a switch to filter the value of the “NAME” key, and have each matching result go down a specific route, what’s the best way to do that? Ideally without a function node so others can use the flow, but if that’s what it has to be, how would that be done?


Item 1, Name = MM: auto
Item 2, Name = MM: auto
Item 3, Name = MM: auto

Item 1, Name = MM: Validated
Item 2, Name = MM: Validated
Item 3, Name = MM: Validated

Item 1, Name = MM: Locked
Item 2, Name = MM: Locked
Item 3, Name = MM: Locked

Hi @RedPacketSec

I am guessing you are not trying to do the following:

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yeah but can only use one tag string,


i need to check all 3 sub items in the array.

Ah like that.
I think you would need quite a few nodes to split it out and check. If you do not want to use the function node that is.
I might be wrong. But cannot think of an easy way with one or 2 nodes to do this without a function node.

if there was a function node, how would you go about this?

Hey Red,
couldn’t you use a Switch Node and map all 3 tags as value 1.

Here is my example workflow.


i didnt think you were able to use more than one tag in there?

I’ll try it and let you know