Sync GDrive <> Github


I am exploring how to sync a list of folders in a Google Shared Drive with a Github repo. The idea is that we can use the collaboration tools on G Suite (Workspace bleh) for our project and Github for code collaboration.

I’ve been looking at sync tools and can’t find any. The Github desktop option is not too suitable as it would depend on a local machine to be on and do the sync.

I was wondering if a combination of triggers or scheduled workflows could help.


  • GDrive
    Folder A
    Folder B
    Folder C

  • Github
    Folder A
    Folder C

All Github folders would be in the G Drive, only some of the G Drive files would be in Github.


Hey @JFQueralt!

I really like the idea and I have been meaning to try something similar. However, I think it is going to be a bit complicated. You would either have to replace the content in the GitHub files or append the content at the bottom of the file. The former pattern will be useful when you might have changes in between the file, while the latter is more suitable for the case where you’re just appending new data to the files.

Currently, we don’t have a trigger node for Google Drive, hence you might have to use Polling for that.

Actually the difficulty, for our purposes that is, is not there.
We are not planning to change files from the codebase but others.

In short, we are working a way to use Github as a full project repository, containing from the codebase (files type A, let’s call them) and other materials such as Comms collaterals, Project Identity (logos and the like), documentation, etc (files type B).

Type A would be handled as any other Git file, by Github.
Type B would be handled by their own editing apps (say, Google Docs).

The idea is that when people forks the project they get everything, which we find to be very useful.

All we need is to have a sync for some folders.
G Drive
Files Type A (just a simple backup because why not?)
Files Type B (files are managed by their own apps)

Files Type A (files are managed by Github and related Git tools)
Files Type B (files are stored for everyone to use)

In essence, all there is to do is sync folders. I haven’t found any cloud solution that does this and I would say both GDrive and Github are accessible via WebDAV or similar?

Does that make more sense?