Sync two diffrent softwares

Hi guys, I’m new to the group and I don’t have a good technical knowledge. My doubt is that I’m working with two billing programs and I want to sync through n8n, there’s possiblity? and how?

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It is possible to sync two different programs through n8n! A lot of our community members are using n8n to sync data across different programs!

@harshil1712 thanks for answering can you explain to me how

Hi @Shamsuddin,

That depends on what programs you are using and if the data is an exact match or if it needs to be transformed and if there are nodes to handle it or if you would need to use HTTP Requests / Build a custom node.

If you can post a bit more about the programs and what the end goal is I am sure someone can nudge you in the right direction. There are also lots of examples here: so it could be that what you want to do has already been done.


@jon ,
I am working with two different invoicing software, one is and the other is the accounting both are available api

@Shamsuddin So that looks like it will probably be the longer route as neither of those have nodes currently available.

It looks like Vendus just uses basic auth with an API Key so you should be able to use that with the HTTP Request node.

With it looks like they have an api available but I can’t see any documentation for it just requests for it so it could be the same process.

Depending on what your trigger / input source is going to be maybe there is something else that Manager integrates with that you can use as the middle ground so maybe take the data from one place and pop it into a Google Sheet / Air Table / Database / Cloud Storage and then have something on the other end that looks at that.

I am fairly sure you will be able to part of what you are after, I would start by maybe writing out your process so what you want to do with the 2 invoicing applications and where the data is going to come from if at all and how often you want it to happen or if you want it more “on demand” with a trigger. Once you have that worked out then you can start by building out the basics so work on getting your data in the right format and then start looking at the post requests.


@jon, api is self documentaion but some informartion about api link here
Api documentation - Manager Forum

@Shamsuddin I will take a peek at that one in a bit, It looks like there are a couple of libraries made by people so it shouldn’t take much to get a rough idea of how it could happen if at all without having to build a custom node.

Do you already know what the full process would look like?


i have no idea but some on the disscus managers forum about n8n

here REST API issues - Manager Forum

That discussion looks to be someone who is using n8n but ran into issues with Manager and it ended up being a resource issue. Nothing to worry about but it does show that it is possible which is great.

So I suspect it will be a case of using HTTP Request nodes to do what you want with Manager and Vendus, The best thing to do would be to get n8n running locally and start having a play with your process.

Your process is probably the most important part of working it out, You will need to sit down and have a think about what you actually want to do. Being able to talk to both systems is only part of the process, You mentioned wanting to sync between them but what do you want to sync and how often is it also going to be a 2 way deal or are you wanting to go from one program to the other.

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in fact, vendus is just for non-available accounting options and manager is especially for accounts. I need every day all the vendus details need to be updated in the manager and there is a lot of work so I want an option at the end of the day to synchronize all the vendus details within the manager this is possible?

I don’t see why not, so you could manually run it or use the cron trigger.

The only bit that you need to do is work out how to use the HTTP Request node to get the data from Vendus then use an HTTP Request to post the data to Manager.

I don’t have either of those applications running here (or access to them) but I would say it is possible to do it.

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can i send dummy software for test ?

Hi @jon, I’m waiting about your update

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Morning @Shamsuddin,

I am in the middle of a server rebuild for my day job at the moment, I am fairly confident that you could make it work you would just need to spend a bit of time on the more technical side. I Could possibly free up some time towards the end of the week. Does the software require a certain OS to run or will it run on anything and what are you expecting from the test even if I do confirm it works that is only one part and you would still need to set up n8n and make your workflow.


Morning @jon
Thank you so much so please let me know in the week when you are free we will discuss


Hi,any update?

Ah yeah sorry it was a busy week in my day job, so I guess the first thing to know is what are you expecting just a yes or no as to if it would work or are you after a bit more?

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@ jon Any update ?

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