Synchronize data between two systems ... two way sync

Does anybody know whether the Merge node would facilitate field level synchronisation?

Field A before changes: this is

For example:

System A, Field A: this is a test
System B, Field A: this is changed too

Merge A & B, Field A: this is a test changed too

And if so, how this works … and if not, if there is another solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @dickhoning,

I would start here: How to synchronize data between two systems it is a good post that goes over one way and two way data syncing.

Hey @Jon I (of course ;-)) already read this post, and also build a workflow to test this out.

It also works fine, except for that it looks like the Merge node does not seem to be able to handle two-way field synchronisation … or I do not know how yet … and I’ve tried all the different options …