Tallyfy integration

Tallyfy automates tasks between people and makes it super-easy for anyone to run automated, reliable workflows to scale operations in a business.

It’s quite different from middleware - which moves data between apps. Tallyfy already has connectors to Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, Integromat, etc.

Open REST API here - Tallyfy REST API that uses standard OAuth and Swagger spec.

Can Tallyfy be added as a connector?

Welcome to the community @amitarelli

in the meantime you can always use the HTTP node. Did you try that?

@amitarelli as you seem to be from Tallyfy and we have very limited resources, can you also create a connector anytime yourself. You can find the documentation on how to do that here.

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@jan sure - I will look into that soon! We’re looking at a deeper integration with n8n actually being embedded into Tallyfy to handle a minority of automations that are super-complex (it’s rare, but helps).

Therefore, before we build a connector or dedicate any resources to this - we need to figure out commercials on embedding this into Tallyfy. I’ve already reached out to your company about this, so I will await a response on that first.

I also saw other threads about multi-tenancy and per-user auth. We will require our own Tallyfy OAuth to be used to sign people into n8n, not a separate auth system - it should be delegated. Without those basics, commercial use (embedding it into our SaaS) will not be possible. The other deal-breaker would be your pricing model - which I don’t know anything about. There’s options like - fixed and unlimited cost per connector (we’re a Paragon customer right now), per-task pricing (like Zapier) and per-user pricing (which is a deal-breaker for us).

Makes sense.

Stephan (Head of Revenue) is sadly this week out on vacation. He will be back next week and then answer all requests we received at the time of his absence. Are you under any time pressure or would that be early enough?

Regarding authentication. With the release of user management, it should be possible for you to write your own code to enable what you need.