Tasks by Planer in Teams [GOT CREATED]

is there any chance to get a Connector for the Tasks-App in MS Teams?

Thank you!


Hi Jan, welcome to the community!

Which of these resources/operations are you most interested in? Based on your answer we can better prioritize functionality when we create this node.

Hi Ivov,

I am using erpnext as my erp-system and MS Teams for communication.

In erpnext you can create projects and tasks within these projects. I use this to assign time sheets and invoices to projects to track cost. It even offers a web-portal, where the cusomer can seen the project status - great.
I want to use MSTeams as an ‘interface’ for these projects.

Ever projects creates a channel in MS teams. The tasks are then synced between Teams and erpnext.

That´s the idea.

sync tasks between differnet task-apps.


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Thanks, Jan, that’s very clear. We’ll keep it in mind.

Remember you can vote for it and encourage others to vote as well, so we can move it up the list.

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Got created. If you can provide feedback would be awesome. We will let you know when is released.

Got released with [email protected]

:star_struck: Thank you!