Tawk.to Node

Tawk.to is a website visitor chat widget I’m recently trying, and they have webhooks with node auth and API and 3 events for chat and tickets. It would be nice to have a premade node for it

Are you interesting just in the trigger? In the meantime, you can always use the Webhook node.

Hi @Zamer,
I use N8N to submit conversations to a user’s CRM record. I currently do this using http request nodes. What is your specific use case? I’d love to make a node for it and contribute to n8n!


Ping me if you have any questions regarding node development. A good place to start is:

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@RicardoE105 , I found this a few weeks ago (currently making one for odoo). Very helpful, thanks! :grinning:


Ijcn, cool. I use Odoo too.

@ljcn any news about your node ?