TD Ameritrade API

Has anyone connected TD ameritrade developer api in n8n. im trying to create a work flow with some of my nodes but the TD ameritrade api is a little complicated dont know if its possilbe in N8N

I have not myself - did you try setting up an OAuth credential in the HTTP Request node? Took a quick look at their docs and should be possible. I say should as tbh, some of these more enterprisey “old business” APIs tend to have more deviations from official specs like OAuth (just from my own experience).

If you get stuck trying to setup the OAuth cred, try to share some screenshots of specific errors you’re getting (and your form fields in n8n - with sensitive creds blurred out).

ok thank you, let me try to get those screen shoots

After a ton of trial and error, I was able to get this working on my end. This documentation was by far the most helpful.

FYI - This may be changing soon due to the acquisition by Schwab. Based on this update, it sounds like it’ll still have similar functionality though.


Awesome, would you mind sharing your steps in n8n and credential page with your personal info obscured.

I got it working with loopback address instead of my callback address. think it could be my reverse proxy settings that is causing the issue. thanks all for the help

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