Telegram Node previous data to sent with callback info

Describe the question

  1. I have a flow with an info coming from a web form. (ok)

  2. That info is appended to an Airtable dataset. (ok)

  3. Once the info is written to Airtable, I want to send relevant info by Telegram and ask to the receiver to reply on inline buttons. (ok)

  4. Then the reply must be capture by a Telegram Trigger (callback_query) and then start the next step of the flow.

The issue here is that I need to receive with the callback_query on step3 (the trigger) also the Airtable information used on the Telegram origin node.

Is that possible?

Please share the workflow

Hi @MaaPer, I am afraid this isn’t possible out of the box. The reason for this is that each execution would be independent of the previous one.

So, when your trigger node receives the request from Telegram, this would start a new execution with no data from previous executions being present. You would therefore need to persist the relevant data from previous executions in a database (like Airtable) and then look it up again when the trigger node runs.

Thanks for your time in reply.
So every time I have an end node of telegram, I need to write the info to be transferred to a database.
After the trigger start one node must got to the data base and bring the info back. The link field to search on database could be the chatid that is on the boths node (reply node and trigger).
Do you think ok that approach?
Instead of using Airtable, will it be possible to generate a json, save to drive and then from trigger take the info of that json?