Telegram: Sending a message to a bot

How to send a message directly to a bot?
(I don’t seem to find an answer to this questions.)

We run our TechUp event every month and use short URLs to point to the corresponding URL, which changes every month.
Telegram saves some cache for URLs (previews) and If you want to force the refresh you need to send a command to @webpagebot.

Any idea on how to do this?

Before updating:

After updating (click on “Update with Content” button)

Note the change from TechUp 08-2021 (August) to TechUp 09-2021 (September)

Hey @JFQueralt!

To make sure I understand it clearly, you want to send this message to a bot, right? If that’s the case, I am not sure how this would work. Since you will be sending a message as a bot too, I don’t think a bot can send a message to another bot or itself. If you’re sending this to a group or a channel, you can use the Chat ID to send the message.

a bot could pick up a message from another bot if they are both in the same group and set to read all messages

i think

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@harshil1712 @RedPacketSec
Good points. And yes, the way the preview cache works with Telegram is that if you want to refresh it you need to invoke a command on that bot.

OK, I tested creating a Group and inviting that bot and ours and it worked. I need to test now sending messages. I’ll revert once I try.