Telegram transcribe voice messages

The idea is:

Add the ability to transcribe voice messages in Telegram

My use case:

I am recording an voice memo and want to transcribe it into text for further processing

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

This is a very popular use case, I notice in the community that people have to build big systems to translate ogg to other formats, transcribing using other api. Although telegram does provide that capability.

Any resources to support this?

Very useful feature indeed as it does the work of 3-5 nodes.

Now we have to get the voice message, download it, convert it to mp3 from ogg…run operations…then to send it back we have to convert to ogg again and send

@albert does telegram natively support voice message transcription (and detect the language of transcription)?

and without charge?

@albert it seems this is not a feature for a telegram bot but only personal accounts