Telegram trigger is not responding

When I try to send a message from my bot to telegram trigger is not detecting it. I have inserted the API It said connection tested successfully.

I have also choosed message for the updates. But it is not detecting it.

Hi @Amanuel_Mehari, welcome to the community!

I’ve redacted your screenshot, as otherwise anyone would be able to control your Telegram bot.

Do you by any chance have multiple Telegram triggers in place? These use webhooks under the hood and Telegram is rather picky about those. They only allow a single webhook per bot, meaning if you add multiple Telegram triggers, only the one you have most recently activated would work.

No I don’t have multiple telegram triggers. I even tried to create a new bot and test it but it is the same. Not only on my laptop but when I was testing it on my colleague device it is the same. How ever the telegram node can successfully send messages, by only configuring the massage and selecting my created telegram credentials.

Seeing the Telegram trigger used webhooks under the hood, are other webhooks working for you? If not, this could be a problem with your n8n setup (such as a missing/wrong WEBHOOK_URL environment variable).