TexAu node

Hi there,

I’m Vikesh, TexAu Co-Founder. I love n8n and I think one node is missing to complete many workflows on different social media platforms.

TexAu automates all the manual work on different social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other 10+ platforms.

Here are some use cases:

  1. When someone submits a form with LinkedIn Profile URL, send them a connection Request with TexAu
  2. When a sales team updates a Google Sheet or Airtable, run automation on TexAu for company profile enrichment or checking ads on the Facebook page or check total likes on a page or scrape the full company page from LinkedIn.
  3. When a HubSpot adds a new lead, enrich the data using TexAu

There are so many possible use cases with our 150+ automation and I think having TexAu as a node will make it achievable.

I will be happy to share our API details, bring my devs, do whatever I can to make this node available for everyone :slight_smile: :pray:

Here is our website: https://texau.app

Version, 0.101.0 contains node of Phantom Buster, we are an alternative to PB with over 10K+ customers. I hope version 0.102.0 will have TexAu as a node as well :slight_smile:


First, thanks a lot for creating this detailed request. But sadly do we have to ignore the most votes in this case. Votes should come naturally from the community which wants to use the node and not from within the company behind the service. And that is the only way I can currently explain 12 upvotes, from all new users in less than 1 h.

Having said that. If you are serious about getting the node created fast, the fastest way is simply doing it yourself. It is not very complicated (a Junior Developer can do that). You can simply look at the code of the Phantombuster node, copy it, and change it according to your API. You can find the code here:

Additionally, can you find information about the node creation process here:

That should be possible within a few hours or a day (depending on how complex you want to make it).

Hope that is helpful. Wish you a great day!