The back-end startup failed

I followed this article to try to run n8n n8n/ at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

1. pnpm i
2. pnpm build
3. pnpm dev

However, the back-end doesn’t seem to be starting

When I executed pnpm start in package/cli, I was told to exit abnormally


I don’t know what’s going on here. Could you please help me
My build environment is:
nodejs: v16.20.0
pnpm: 8.5.1

Hey @luoxiqiang,

Are you using the 230 tag or the latest master branch?

Yes, I’m using the latest version of master, Can you tell me about your build env, thank you

Looks like you are working with Windows. Honestly do not think any developer at n8n is working with it at n8n. So is sadly quite possible that something is not working perfectly there right now.

@jan I also suspected windows, but when I used it in centOS7.6, the results were the same, which was embarrassing

Thanks a lot. That is a very important datapoint. Think nobody is using CentOS either but would not have expected that issues arise there. We will have a look.

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fyi just to be sure that nothing major is currently wrong did I check out n8n (master branch) totally new inside of my Ubuntu-Dev-Image. Did then run the 3 commands you mentioned above and everything worked perfectly. So at least nothing major obvious wrong, which really would have been embarrassing.

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Yeah, I just ran it successfully on Ubuntu. Thank you very much. I want to support centOS if possible

Hey @luoxiqiang

It could be something specific to Cent, could you try disabling selinux and seeing if that works? If that allows it to start it a policy will need to be created.

Selinux is always disabled when I try to run it