The data change on output Postgresql module

I have Issue with Postgresql node

On out put I am getting random data.

hi @David_Semenenko

Can you share the workflow and provide some sample of data? Remove any sensitive information ofc.

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Hi @barn4k
Yes pls.


  "form_id": "24280706068194715",
  "Ad_Project": "18830",
  "Ad_Language": "6850",
  "source_detail": "",
  "marker": "abudhabi | Ramadan"

Hi @David_Semenenko, I suspect the problem could be with n8n trying to convert your string 24280706068194715 into a number here. The maximum value of an integer in JavaScript is 9007199254740991, so any number above this being processed as a number is likely to cause trouble.

So instead of the Insert operation, perhaps you want to use Execute Query instead of the Insert operation to specify exactly how to process the incoming data?

Like so for example:

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