The Great Suspender Settings and Session Buddy

I have recently started using a Chrome extension called The Great Suspender. It is used to stop Chrome from running client side scripts in the background when a tab does not have focus.

I have discovered the hard way that when The Great Suspender pauses an n8n workflow tab, all of the work that has not been saved to a workflow disappears when the page is revived. I believe this is because all of the work that you have been doing is stored in memory client side as a session (i.e. in your browser memory) until it is committed on the host as a saved workflow.

In order for you to not lose work this way, I recommend that you add your n8n workflow interface URL to the whitelist setting for The Great Suspender. This way, it will not pause your n8n workflow sessions and you will not lose your data.

Also, one extension that I have also started to use (but have yet to fully test) is Session Buddy. If I have an n8n workflow session open and unsaved in Chrome and Chrome crashes, Session Buddy can recover the session and get my work back so that I don’t have to try and redo all my work.

If anyone else has any useful extension for their web browser that makes working with n8n easier, please post them below so that the community can benefit from your wisdon!