The notion node doesn't appear in the nodes list

I installed the latest n8nioi/n8n docker and wanted to made a workflow with notion, but the notion node doesn’t appear in the nodes list…


  • n8n version: lastest docker
  • Database you’re using : default: SQLite
  • Running n8n via Docker

Welcome to the community @fhesdin!

I just checked, it displays the node totally fine for me:

If you compare the screenshots you will see that yours and mine look very different. Meaning that you are not actually using the latest version, rather a very old one instead. Please make sure to upgrade to that latest version (as of writing 0.162.0) it will then display the Notion nodes correctly.

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Yes, mine is 0.109…
Thank you !

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Ah yes, that version is almost 1 year old.

Have fun!

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