The Parameter value is not getting updated as expected

Hiii ,
The node I have created has two dropdowns as shown in the image.

The bottom one is depended on the first one. I will be executing a query whenever user changes the first dropdown and the second dropdown list gets changed. But the placeholder value I am getting is different . The value “–All–” needs to be populated every time there is a change. I did add a placeholder in properties of the second dropdown parameter but its not working. I just want to reset the value of the second parameter whenever there is a change in the first. Can anyone help?

Hi @AnjanaSAcroUser, the existing Baserow node does something like that for example.

I had a quick look at the code and it seems to do this by setting typeOptions.loadOptionsDependsOn here. So whenever the databaseId value changes, the getTableIds method is called.

Perhaps you can use a similar approach in your own node?

Thanks for the reply!. I am using loadOptionsDependsOn only.The values are coming in the second dropdown but the placeholder value there is something else. When we select from the second dropdown , the placeholder changes correctly but I am figuring out how can I reset the value in second dropdown whenever the change happens in the first dropdown.