TheHive5 Trigger - Add listening for case_merge & action_update

Hello team,
My team and I recently encountered the need for the node TheHive5 trigger to listen for events that ain’t available yet.
Feel free to redirect me if it is not the right place to ask for those features !

The idea is:

TheHive publishes a lot of different events in webhooks, some are handled by n8n such as case_create or alert_update but some are not yet handled and therefore we need to listen to every event possible and perform sorting afterwards.

Is it possible to add the possibility to filter on case_merge & action_update?

My use case:

We use the event “case_merge” when an alert is merge in a case and perform some modification on the case.
When this alert is merged, only two events are published : alert_update and case_merge. It’s much easier to perform action starting from the case_merge event.

We use the event “action_update” at the end of the execution of a cortex Responder to perform additionnal computation in a separate workflow than the one who caused the responder to be started. (We use this to decrease queue size by releasing the thread while the responder is executing)

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It Would be used to avoid has much as possible filtering after the Trigger node.

Are you willing to work on this?

We can, if you need anything, we’d gladly help.