There is no Email Opt Out field in the saleforce create lead

I am trying to add the Email Opt Out field when creating leads in salesforce. but I cant find that field in the list.

Hi @asaaonline, welcome to the community!

I couldn’t find such a field in the default fields of my Salesforce account. Is this perhaps a custom field you’ve created in your account? If so, you should see it under Additional Fields > Custom Fields in the Salesforce node when using the Lead Create operation:


If you can’t find your custom field, could you confirm how exactly you have set it up in Salesforce?

Thank you for your fast reply. It is a default field of lead

please check this url

Hi @asaaonline, thanks for the link! Seems like an oversight on our side - perhaps @Jon can add this to the Salesforce node once he has a bit of time available?

Thank you very much

Hey @asaaonline,

I have created an internal ticket for this one which we will be tracking as N8N-5021 I will let you know when we have added it :+1:

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