There is no Email Opt Out field in the saleforce create lead

I am trying to add the Email Opt Out field when creating leads in salesforce. but I cant find that field in the list.

Hi @asaaonline, welcome to the community!

I couldn’t find such a field in the default fields of my Salesforce account. Is this perhaps a custom field you’ve created in your account? If so, you should see it under Additional Fields > Custom Fields in the Salesforce node when using the Lead Create operation:


If you can’t find your custom field, could you confirm how exactly you have set it up in Salesforce?

Thank you for your fast reply. It is a default field of lead

please check this url

Hi @asaaonline, thanks for the link! Seems like an oversight on our side - perhaps @Jon can add this to the Salesforce node once he has a bit of time available?

Thank you very much

Hey @asaaonline,

I have created an internal ticket for this one which we will be tracking as N8N-5021 I will let you know when we have added it :+1:

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any updates?

Hey @asaaonline,

Nothing yet, I will see if I can fit it in when I next do a batch of small changes.

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@asaaonline added it. Guess will be available in the next release. Keep in mind that you also have to change the visibility of the fields in salesforce, or else you will get an error. Instructions on how to do so are here.


Got released with [email protected]


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