Thinkific Integration?

Thinkific is a learning management platform:

Can you please share the use case you are interested in? So that when the node is created we make sure it has all the functionality needed.

I’m looking for Users, Courses, Course Reviews and Enrollments this could be a nice start.

Creating users automatically in Thinkific would be a huge step. Imagine a company that sells courses, it needs to create a customer’s user for each customer that buys.
Extracting courses/lessons/trails completion data is also important to automatize emails whenever a user completes a course/lesson/trail.
Course started date and course status, to send alerts of courses pending completion.

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Set users permissions and courses access as well. That way I can trigger the workflow from the CRM, when the customer buys, and automtically give access to the course he/she bought.
Dream high or dream higher!

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