Toggl Integration [GOT CREATED]

Toggl is a time tracking service:

Github issue:

@stvad what is the use case you are looking to do exactly?

Ultimately replicating setup described here:
In more unified/coherent fashion :slight_smile:

For that the Toggl integration should provide a way to react to the new time entries.

@stvad Thanks for clarifying. I have a couple of integration to finish and then will check it out.

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Awesome, thank you @RicardoE105!

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@stvad Looks like Toggl does not have webhooks, the alternative option would be polling every x minutes, but I don’t know if we want to go that route. What do you think? @jan

@RicardoE105 yeah. As a food for thought - I believe there are more services out there that provide an API for querying things then services that provide webhooks. So you probably eventually would want to implement nodes that do the polling anyway.

Yes, I agree. At some point, we will probably not get around polling. Like you said do some services sadly not offer webhooks. Not sure though if n8n should provide some abstraction layer for it or if the nodes should simply implement it themself with an interval/cron.

Here a previous discussion about polling:

As you mention in one of the replies there - getting a stream of events from polling without duplicates and without skipping the events reliably is non-trivial, so some abstraction layer/support from n8n would come in handy IMO

I’m curious what you’ve decided on this one @RicardoE105 @jan?

That it will get implemented but is sadly not a top priority right now. As the resources are very scarce I have to concentrate on things which make the biggest bang for the buck.

This will hopefully change soon and then this will get implemented.


Just released [email protected] with the Toggle-Trigger which @RicardoE105 created.
Happy new year 2020!

Awesome! Happy new year to you as well!