Transform text a dn convert it back to xml


i´m calling an api, getting an xml back, transform it to json and need to do a text manipulation (INSERT → OFFLINE)

Somehow I´m struggling to get it right:

  "reference_id": "174251869",
  "sender_id": "253207",
  "action": "INSERT",
  "categorization": {
    "workfield": {
      "id": "2000000"
    "sector": [
        "id": "29000"
        "id": "24000"
        "id": "6000"
    "contracttype": {
      "id": "222"

Could someone push me in the right direction, tried to do it wit a set node but can’t get the expression right.

Hey @Kool_Baudrillard, with which step exactly are you struggling?

Are you trying to insert text into any of the fields of the JSON structure you have posted?

Hi, MutedJam!

Yes, I´m trying to replace “action”: “INSERT”, to “action”: “OFFLINE”,

In this case I don’t think you’d need an expression, plain text should do. Here’s a Set node overwriting the action value in your example data structure:

This is the result when executing this example workflow:

Hope this helps!

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WTF? Sometimes it’s so obvious you can’t see it.


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No worries, glad to hear this works for you :slight_smile: