Transforming XML / Creating XML Files


Is there a way to transform data into individual XML structure ?

For example - im getting a XML from a HTTP Request like

		<ORDER_DATE>2021-07-07 11:59:02</ORDER_DATE>
		<EMAIL>[email protected]</EMAIL>

out of this i want to generate a different XML structure and push it to an FTP

		<Email>[email protected]</Email>

is this somehow possible ?

Hey @mzfit24!

Welcome to the community :sparkling_heart:

Did you check the solution shared here: Need specific XML output? It might me useful for you :slight_smile:


thx for the welcome. yeah i saw that thread - but this was only for manipulating the same node.

would it also be possible to generate a complete different xml structure ?

Hey! Can you please explain what do you mean by this:

but this was only for manipulating the same node

You can take the same approach to convert the format. You can even use the Function node to transform the data.