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I am trying to run the following process: I want to create a bug type issue on jira. When a new thread is opened in gmail, I want a ticket to be created on a jira board.

I managed to integrate gmail and jira. Here is where it gets stuck. I can’t find the thread resource in n8n.

n8n is installed locally.

Thanks to you

  • n8n version: 1.2.0
  • Running n8n via [desktop app]:

Hi @soso_dada, welcome to the community :tada:

Desktop version 1.2.0 sounds rather old, I think the current release of the desktop app is 1.9.0, at least on Windows (coming with [email protected]).

So my suggestion would be to update your n8n version in the first step. The current version of the Gmail trigger node provides a threadId which sounds like it could do the job:

You can store this ID and then check for new incoming message whether the respective threadId has been processed already or not (and if not, run your Jira logic).

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Hello @MutedJam

Thanks for your answer and thanks for the warm welcome :partying_face:

I can’t host this threadID in the created jira ticket. What makes that I arrive that with each answer to a thread, a ticket is created on the jira side.

You wouldn’t necessarily need to store the thread IDs in Jira @soso_dada. Any storage would do, no matter if it’s a Google Sheet, a small database or just a local file. You could even use static workflow data for this purpose, although that’d be rather clumsy to work with and test.

A possible approach is discussed here in our blog, though this will need a bit of adjustment to suit your use case:

Personally, I have created a small SQL database for such “helper” functionality.

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