Trigger for new OneDrive uploads

Hi all. New to n8n and very much enjoying the experience!

What options do we have in n8n for discovering new file uploads in OneDrive?

I have looked through the OneDrive node documentation and have a play with the node within n8n, but couldn’t see anything particularly relevant.

My planned workflow is:

  1. New file uploaded to OneDrive (folder XXX)
  2. Trigger node alerted to new file in OneDrive folder XXX, collects relevant properties (name, path, share URL)
  3. Node forwards properties to sink (e.g. Notion database).

Hey @gordo!

Welcome to the community :sparkling_heart:

Currently, we don’t have a trigger node for OneDrive. I just checked that you can register a webhook URL to subscribe to OneDrive. Here’s the documentation URL: Create a webhook subscription - OneDrive API - OneDrive dev center | Microsoft Docs

You can use the Webhook node and register’s its URL to subscribe to changes. Let me know if you need more help :slight_smile: