Trigger nodes for Google Apps/Services?

Hi, i was wondering if Trigger nodes for Google’s apps/services are on the roadmap for the near-future?

Some of the most relevant apps that i’m hoping to see triggers for, are: Google Calendar, Drive, Sheets & Youtube.


Hi everyone, checking if there’s any interest in this?

Yes, hopefully will start this week to work at least on drive, calendar And sheets trigger.


Cool! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hi @RicardoE105, i was wondering if this is already in the works?

Would love to get to use the Google Drive trigger, to start with.


Is in the working.

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@jan Thanks for your response.

Any idea on the TAT for that?

You mean if I know when it will be released? In probably ~1-2 weeks.

Thanks, yes, that’s what i wanted to know.