Trouble using command n8n-node-dev build

I am having trouble creating custom nodes which needs some dependences of microsoft-graph-client as is shown in the picture below.
Any idea how to fix this?
Thank you so much in advance

Hey @adricampi!

This seems to be an issue with the dependencies more than n8n. Can you try installing the dependencies again?

I checked if that was the issue through visual code, and it doesn’t have any issue on that dependences. I think it cannot find those dependences from the customs folder. Maybe triyng to install the dependences from that folder? I have no idea

Checking the steps mentioned here: Using the Node Dev CLI | Docs, you have to run the build command in the same folder where you created the node. Once the build is complete, you then have to copy paste the node to the custom folder.

Hi @harshil1712,

I did it just like that, but the messages I attached here in the screenshot where after all the dependences were installed, that’s what I think is something to do with n8n

Using n8n-node-dev you cannot have dependencies. Check the post below.

Ok @RicardoE105
Thank you so much for the answer