Troubleshooting Question - Workflow runs on manual trigger but fails on interval

We have a Workflow that runs on manual execution but fails to run on an interval cycle.
We have other workflows running intervals successfully.

Trying to figure out how I can troubleshoot the issue, are there logs that store detailed information on the errors?
The execution list gives me rather simple feedback

“The workflow execution failed”
On retry " Problem with retry - Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘nodeExecutionStack’)"

As I open the workflow I get the error
" Failed execution There was a problem executing the workflow:
"One or more of the used credentials are not accessable.""

Also unsure if that is mean to show an error of Accessible? rather than Accessable?

What is the difference between accessible and accessable?

If you mean ‘able to be reached’, then it is accessible. Assessable is an entirely different word, meaning ‘able to be assessed’ (‘evaluated, measured’). The two words also sound quite different.

Video Walk through of issue

Hey @Dwayne_Taylor, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. I’m almost certain the word “accessable” is a typo here.

As for the actual issue, could you share your workflow and confirm the details from the Question template which you have deleted from the looks of it? Especially, which n8n version you are using and how you have deployed n8n?

Also, could you confirm the below details:

  • Are you using n8n’s user management functionality (this is where the error comes from) and does the workflow perhaps belong to a user other than the one having recorded the video?
  • Are you by any chance using any expressions in your credentials?

Thank you

Hey @MutedJam
Thanks for the pointer mate - so I duplicated the workflow and we are working :slight_smile:

So haha - what documentation is there for user management in n8n
Is it possible to have a setup for global access to everything along with security access based on workflow tags?

I had a consultant build out a few elements of the mentioned workflow and was the first time playing with users - gave up trying to figure how how to share tbh and gave him admin.

The end of the day - keen to replicate and migrate everything we have in integromat after what I would call a significant security breach with me being able to login as another unknown users account as admin.
Keen for internal role access where possible

Got released with [email protected]

Hey @Dwayne_Taylor, glad to hear this is working after copying. The tag-based access isn’t possible yet, but I know that improving user management is on our roadmap. So you might want to raise a separate feature request for this :slight_smile: