Try to use Dropbox on n8n Desktop App

Try to use Dropbox on n8n mac application.
I got a sign in screen after i put all my data for ‘DropBox OAuth 2 API’ in the dropbox-node and press the ‘connect my account’ button.
I don’t know what to fill in on the displayed screen.
Dropbox account data does not work.
Which username and password do i have to fill in?

Hey @UweG,

The credentials it is asking for are set for the desktop app install you are using.

If you go to your users Home directory and view the hidden files there will be an n8n folder, In there you will find a file called n8n-desktop.env this will contain the credentials you are looking for.

On Windows you can just pop %HOMEPATH%\.n8n into the file explorer to get there if needed as well.

For Mac (and Linux when released) you can just pop open a terminal window and run cat ~/.n8n/n8n-desktop.env

Hello John
I use your terminal code and get the username and password.
It Werks on the n8n Mac app.
Thank you


Hello Jon
With NodeRed I can upload and download files to dropbox.
But in n8n it is a problem.
Here is my flow and screenshots of the Nodes.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-18 um 11.26.30

I have a webhook, where I get a sharlink of a pdf. With the http-request I get the pdf-file.
Where and how do I have to put this uploaded file in the dropbox node to upload it to dropbox.

Hey @UweG!

Did you check the documentation for the Dropbox node? In the Example Usage section, you will notice how the Binary Property is referenced. You don’t need to use an expression for the Binary Property field in the Dropbox node. Instead, enter data (this is the Binary Property name returned by your HTTP Request node) in the Binary Property field.

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Hello harshil1712
First, thank’s for your help.
I change the dropbox node this way and I upload something to dropbox.

But this is no valid file.
the extension .pdf is missing.
How can I create a valid name for the uploaded file that the dropbox node is sending with?

I get it by myself.
I put the filename including extension in the file path-field.